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Business Coaching for the Craft Yarn Industry


Coaching for the Craft Yarn Industry

Your heart has gone into every inch of your yarn business, whether retail location, wholesale producer or independent creator. Your customers love your creativity, fiber fanaticism and inspiration.


Running a business is hard. Everyday you make thousands of decisions to make your business successful. You're worried a wrong choice will jeopardize your profitability.

The String Alliance can help. From overall business advice to marketing strategies to business-specific classes, we’ll help you make the shifts that make your business profitable.



Rent My Brain

Are you stuck and looking for short term help thinking through an idea?

Knotty Questions

For when you need advice, support, research, tactical hands to work through more difficult or complex issues

Classes & Workshops

Virtual Classes and Workshops, limited size for maximum attention and interaction


Deb Doyle

Founder, The String Alliance

Deb Doyle – marketer, teacher, speaker, knitter.  Her professional career includes more than 30 years creating effective marketing campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes. She led regional marketing for several national Quick Service Restaurant chains, leading the country in sales and profits. She introduced the first camera phone into the US. She helped a tiny Mexican import store increase sales by 2000% in one month. She was an advisor with four Bay Area Small Business Development Centers. She has taught marketing fundamentals to international students at UC Berkeley and UCSF Extended Learning Program.

Almost 50 years ago, Deb learned to knit on a street curb in York, England. Her needles have kept busy ever since. She’s always learning more: classes, workshops, 10 years at Squam Art Workshops. There’s always more to know about fiber. She became a fiber tourist long before that was “a thing” and has the stash to prove it.

Shopping at so many LYS across the country, combined with her marketer’s sensibility, a small business sense and love for all-things-fiber, gives her a unique perspective for the craft fiber industry. She understands and can address the business challenges facing small business owners while keeping an eagle eye on the customer’s needs and focus.

The String Alliance was founded in May 2020 when TNNA folded, cutting off a vital education resource for Local Yarn Store owners. Deb had seen enough stores to know LYS needed help to survive, especially in a pandemic world. She believes LYS and their eco-systems are vital Main Street Businesses, improving retail traffic and creating a vibrant sense of community. However, because they lack critical mass in their local economies, their impact is underestimated. The String Alliance provides LYS with the tools and support they need to thrive.

The String Alliance is a double bottom line venture. A portion of our profits are donated annually to local non-profits dedicated to fiber sustainability.


You've given me a lot of really good suggestions about websites and different ways to think about products I already have in store without having to branch into a whole new area. 




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