Rent My Brain


Advice & Support By the Hour

For when you need help thinking through an idea, have a specific question or need a little kick in the pants

The best part: the first hour is FREE. 

Some Thought Starters:

Which classes or events should I offer to engage new customers?

How can I build meaningful connections with customers virtually?

Which festivals should I attend next year?

Knotty Questions

woman working in Yarn Store

For More Tangled Questions

for when you need advice, support, research, tactical hands-on support to work through more difficult or complex issues


Some Thought Starters:

I want to create a marketing plans for the next six months and I don't know where to start.

How can I make my store seem larger than its footprint? 

How can I grow my customer base beyond my local area?

My newsletter is dull and readership is dropping. How can I fix it? 

Classes & 



Group Education So We Learn From Each Other

virtual classes and workshops, limited size for maximum attention and interaction

Sample Classes:

The Power of an Annual Plan

Vibrant Virtual Knit Nights

The Secrets of Outstanding Execution

Expanding Your Customer Base