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Stress Less; Knot More Part 2: Strategic Plans Save Time (and Increase Quality)

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A good plan will save you time and increase quality. You know that do-overs are time consuming and people work less effectively when stressed - so why not avoid that all together? There is the age old example of what is known as the Iron Triangle of Good, Fast and Cheap. Production can hit two of those categories - but will not be able to hit all three.

When we fail to plan, we require “fast” to be one of our prerequisites, which means you can either have quality or value pricing, but you can’t have both. As a business owner, you are then forced to decide if you prefer cost savings or excellent products. With enough planning in place, you can create products that are cost effective without sacrificing the quality.

Take the example of scheduling classes and projects for window displays. With proper planning, you have time to prepare, think about the best way to present, and produce stellar marketing materials. (This includes proofreading and coordinating creative materials, such as the newsletters and social media posts!) Without a plan, small companies are often forced to rush, and use whatever materials that are on hand, which can lead to expensive, lackluster results.

You won’t be the only ones benefiting from having a plan in place! Vendors, especially creative vendors (social media, graphic designers and copywriters) work best when they have time to think and create quality products. Allowing contractors enough time to produce high performing results prevents costly revisions, and ensures your products are delivered to you (and your customers!) in a timely manner.

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